The most relevant bullshit
Intelligent level design

What advocates of intelligent design really seem to believe it that life itself (as a concept) is in fact a video game engine designed by God, and that the real world (not just planet Earth but all material things) is just your sandbox, one giant open world specifically designed to test you.

Within the levels this hub world contains you have a chance of getting a high enough score to unlock a bonus world after you complete the main game. Since you are constantly being judged and have very little room for experimentation, this concept makes the Mega Man Zero series seem tame in comparision.

Anyway, said main game is over once you die at a specifially intended point (kind of like Aerith in Final Fantasy 7), and if you did not gather enough points by that time, the game will autosave, meaning you won’t be given a second chance, and you will be shown the bad ending and then sent into minus world, where even what little freedom you had in the main game will be revoked (so Hell is a bit like Codename: Iceman). If you did well enough, you will have to wait for judgement day, and then Heaven will be unlocked, and that’s when the fun actually starts.

Since neither version allows you to play through the game again, you might be better off with Buddhists who seem to believe in New Game+.