The most relevant bullshit
About me

All you could ever want to know about me (otherwise just ask)

-Born in Central Europe in 1987; still there
-Student (sociology)
-Alcohol- and drug-free
-Fluent in German and English, sort of able to survive in Spanish, barely know any Japanese, used to be able to introduce myself in Russian

-I love music - listening to, writing and performing, been playing guitar for about 10 years. See #music for songs that I dig
-#1 favorite band since I was 15: Bad Religion. My favorite album by them is Generator
-The music that shaped most of my childhood were soundtracks, since I didn’t become interested in “normal” music until I was about 12. I remember freaking out when I heard F-Zero’s Big Blue for the first time, it was the most awesome thing ever.
-I guess the softest album I love is Survivor’s Vital Signs, and the heaviest probably DRI’s Dealing With It!
-Some of my favorite genres in alphabetical order: AOR, Hard Rock, Melodic Metal, Punk Rock / Melodic Hardcore, Soundtracks, Thrash Metal / Thrashcore

Video games___
-Top 3 games ever: Super Mario World, Mega Man X, Street Fighter Alpha 3. Runner up: Quest For Glory 4
-Favorite genres: Jump&Run, Point&Click Adventures, Versus Fighting, Action/Adventures (2D) and sidescrolling Beat ‘em ups. Not very much into RTS, Racing or Simulation

Movies and such___
-Not a big movie geek, but I suppose I can hang. Some favorites would be The Big Lebowski, The Addam’s Family Values, Commando and Scott Pilgrim
-Series: Scrubs, The Big Bang Theory and Ranma 1/2

-The one book that caught me totally by surprise is Anthony Burgess’ “The Clockwork Testament”. Highly recommended. I’ve been meaning to read a lot more forever, but my time management is horrible (hello Tumblr!)
-Surprisingly enough, not that into comic books. I’ve got the complete editions of Calvin & Hobbes and Scott Pilgrim, though. I also enjoy Ariga’s Mega Man comics and Don Rosa’s Scrooge McDuck

Also appreciated___
-History, politics, science, discussions and humour. Not all of it on Tumblr I suppose, although I’ll post a rant from time to time